You know you’re at a Hostel when…

I have absolutely loved looking back on all my travels around Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia – and I really hope you found these essential travel guides useful! (Click the links if you haven’t checked them out yet…)

As I head back to writing about my present days here in Canada, I thought I would wind up my SE Asia tour with:

You know you’re at a hostel when…
(Disclaimer: The following blog post comes from legit things that happened to me…Yea. I know.)



1.You’re woken up at 5am by the sound of a guy stumbling into the dorm and peeing in the corner of the room.

1. Shock

2. You get enraged when discovering someone has eaten your food from the communal fridge, and then steal milk for your cereal every chance you get.

2. Sneaky

3. You check out of 1 dorm to escape the 5 crazy party guys, only to have an identical group of party guys check into your new room that very night… #NoEscape #JustEmbraceIt

3. Eye Roll

4. You willingly humiliate yourself in a hostel competition just for the chance to win a free drink.

4. Embarrassed


5. You’ve gotten used to hearing the sounds of other people having sex (even simultaneously whilst commenting on each others’ performances. Gross.)
5. Horrified


6. You bring back a ham & cheese toastie from 7/11 every night as a snack #NoRegrets.
6. not even sorry

7. You get your laundry done and instantly feel like you are the happiest human on Earth… (Do they just soak everything in Febreeze and fold it? So freshhh)

7. Fresh Laundry

8. You watch some MasterChef cook a fine-dining dinner in the hostel kitchen as you boil your plain pasta for the 25th day in a row… They’ll offer me some if I stare long enough, right?

8. Yum

9. You check into a hostel with drapes around each bed, outlets and individual lights and feel like you’re at a 5* resort.

9. Diva

10. You glare silently across the dorm at the person whose alarm is going off and they’re not waking up. DUDE.

10. Glare

11. You equally glare at the person who turns on the lights at 5am and has loud conversations in the middle of the 10-person dorm. WHY?

11. Shut Up

12. You’re offered a mattress on the lobby floor of a hostel as the dorms are sold out, moan constantly about it, and then get woken up at 4am with the entire place invested with bed bugs and you have the only mattress bug-free!

12. Winning

13. You’re made fun of for constantly padlocking your dorm locker, and then that person’s phone/GoPro/wallet gets stolen …

13. Told you so

14. You find items of clothing that are definitely not yours in your luggage…Oops

14. oops

15. You pick the worst time to cook dinner and end up fighting over one of the working cooker tops and the best frying pan.

15. Fight

16. You perform a silent celebration whenever you nab the bottom bunk.

16. Happy Dance

17. …and then feel the deep dread when a couple ends up sharing the bunk above yours.

17. Dread

18. You’ve walked into your dorm and found somebody else in your bed.

18. can I help you

19. You’ve considered (or actually signed up for) cleaning the hostel in exchange for free accommodation…

19. cleaning

20. You’ve met some of the best people from all over the world by sharing your sleeping space and wouldn’t change a thing!

20. Friends

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Did any of these happen to you?
Share your hostel stories!

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