Snow Activities: How to Make the Most of Winter

I don’t know about you but I am definitely a beach bum. A sun worshipper. A paradise craver.
I spend my days yearning to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and to hear the crash of the ocean waves. Maybe one day I’ll own a beach bar somewhere and be able to soak away my Monday blues in a tropical climate but (for now) I live in Canada… and this year I made the conscious decision to find things to do in the snow and explore all that the winter version of paradise can offer!

If, like me, the thought of sub-zero temperatures and relentless snow flurries sends you into a sweaty panic; Rest assured – There is hope!

Check out what I’ve been up to these past few months and take inspiration to seize the wintery day.
No matter how hard it is, I have refused to sit inside counting down the days until summer and watching my life go by. The result? I’ve found that there’s actually quite a lot of fun to be had in this winter wonderland!


As you can imagine, just a quick Google will throw up hundreds of amazing ski resorts available for your choosing. If you can shred the gnar, you’ll be in your element here in Canada.

However… Some of us are just not blessed with the coordination required and spend most of the time crashing into barriers and watching their equipment slide down the slope without them.
If your skill-set is like mine(!) then join me on the snow-tubing slopes!!! 

Think ‘sledding on steroids’. Check with your local ski resort that they offer this awesome adrenaline activity. Park your butt in the hole of a hard plastic-bottomed tube/ring and hurtle down icy slopes at crazy speeds. Zero skill required.

Recommended: Lakeridge Ski Resort.
Make sure you go when it is particularly cold/icy and link as many people as you can at the top to reach top speeds! 


I personally love quadding/quad-biking in the summer so I knew that I would be a huge fan of snow mobiling. Wrap up really warm (including your neck and face under the helmet!) and find an experienced driver to take you speeding through the snowy forests or across a frozen lake. Various online companies and resorts offer rentals or tours and I cannot recommend it enough for petrol-heads.
Recommended: Haliburton Forest 


As you can imagine, Canadians exude ice-skating talent from birth.
I, on the other hand, have rarely tried it so looked like Bambi on ice when I first arrived! Ice rinks are located absolutely everywhere so find your local, rent your skates and attend one of the public skating sessions to brush up on your skills – (Don’t forget to bend your knees!)

If you don’t need the barriers along the edge to hold you steady, try out one of the outdoor skating trails! Skate through the idyllic forests in Muskoka or even sip on hot chocolate, watch entertainment and skate under the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto!


You’re definitely not short of lakes to choose from in Ontario and as temperatures plummet and the water freezes over, you may start to see ice fishing huts pop up along the horizon.
Many companies offer tour packages that bus you to idyllic frozen waters and offer you the real experience of fishing through ice!
Recommended: Floyd Hales Ice Huts in Beaverton,
Or Google ‘Ice Fishing’ followed by your closest lake and you’ll have a tonne to choose from.


Read all about my incredible dog sledding experience HERE!

Share the love. We all need a little help getting through winter…
Let us know your recommended activities!

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