10 Things to STOP Worrying About re: Your Move Abroad

Trust me. I worried about nearly everything possible when I was thinking about moving to Canada! I know the routine: You finally work up the courage to start seriously considering moving to a new country and then – BAM – The negatives of moving abroad start swirling menacingly around your mind.

The doubts. The concerns. The anxiety. It’s funny how the little voice inside your head can try to sabotage a decision that feels so right.

One of the most common messages I receive from people who stumble onto this blog is that my journey has inspired them to finally take the leap. Those messages (apart from making my entire week) really drive home to me how important it is to spread my experiences as far as possible and prove to you all that the evil little thoughts that are holding you back are TOTALLY unnecessary.

Check out my list of the biggest baddest culprits and stamp them out ASAP:

1. I won’t like it there

Maybe you will. Maybe you won’t. There’s no way of knowing how you will find life in your chosen new country. It’s true; you could hate it and be miserable – but the other side of the coin is that you’ll find your true home and be the happiest you’ve ever been. You won’t know until you GO.

2. I won’t make any friends

YES. YOU. WILL. Hey, if this shy, socially awkward girl can do it so can you. Head into the experience with an open heart and zero f**ks given. Host a movie night and have only 2 people show up. Invite that girl from the office who seems cool for a coffee date. I have never been so outgoing in my entire life. I force myself to reach out to new people and build new relationships. It takes work but I have found and nurtured the best friendships I’ve ever had as a result of this new mindset. You get what you give.

3. I’ll regret it

The fear that the move will be the biggest mistake of your life is because you are heading into completely unchartered territory. Fear of the unknown is a huge challenge to overcome. What if the move is a complete fail and it’s all for nothing?  – It will never be as bad as you think.
My advice: Give it the designated 6 months before making your decision to hit the ejection seat and I guarantee you won’t touch the button. You’ll wake up one day and realise that you’ve effortlessly slipped into content everyday life without even realising it.

4. My career will suffer

Anxious to leave your stable career and the sense of familiarity and security that comes with it? Remember: There’s a reason why you are thinking of moving abroad. You crave a challenge. You crave an adventure and the thrill of freedom outside of your comfort zone. Building your career abroad comes with its challenges but the worst case scenario is that you add adaptability, cultural diversity and international experience to your resume – and in this modern world of travel, that’s only ever going to be a plus.

5. I’ll get homesick

Homesickness sucks. You will be plagued with it, it’s almost a guarantee. If you are lucky enough to have loved ones back in your native country to miss and to yearn for, then instead choose to turn this feeling into gratitude and appreciation. You will find your own personal ways to get through the bouts of homesickness and then you can bask in the fact that you’re lucky enough to call two places home.

6. I won’t fit in

You may not fit in. You will be wonderfully different. You will be the interesting person in the room. There will always be something to talk about, whether it is about your culture, accent, or story about why you are there. Use your difference to attract new relationships and build cultural bridges with locals and expatriates alike. Fitting in is boring anyway.

7. It’s not the right time

However cheesy it sounds, it will never feel like ‘the right time.’ Even when I was planning on backpacking SE Asia, I kept waiting for my friends’ timelines to match up with mine and in the end, threw caution to the wind and booked my solo plane ticket. You can spend so long wasting precious time waiting to be ‘ready’, but you never truly will be until you throw yourself in the deep end. Trust me, whatever reason that is holding you back, you’ll regret it even more when it’s too late and all you see are excuses.

8. I don’t have enough money

I used to worry incessantly about money. Now, I’ve learnt to see it for what it really is – A material object. Yes of course, I don’t pretend that it isn’t important when planning out a whole new life – You have to make sure you are financially smart and well planned, but don’t let it be the reason to deny your entire dream. Money can always be earned. Experiences are so much more significant.

9. I have ties to my home & people that I can’t break away from

I’m incredibly close with my family and friends who are back in my native country. Moving away from loved ones can be a complex emotional process. The guilt that you feel when you think about leaving them behind is painful. You think you’re being selfish but sometimes you have to be. If it’s what you truly want, the people you love will understand (whether openly or somewhere deep down inside them.) After all, it is your life and they are ALWAYS just a flight/train/road-trip away.

10. My kids might resent me

I think that it’s been a tough ride when it is just me who has moved abroad. I cannot even begin to imagine the pressure and worry that plagues parents who are moving their children to a foreign country. I do know however what it is like to *be* that child. My parents moved me to France when I was 13 and I ended up strongly disliking my life there. However, I never ONCE resented my parents for it. Trust me, your children will love you and appreciate how brave you were for taking a step to better their lives. I gained a 2nd language because of it and a world of experience and personality. There is no way I would ever hate them for that.

So there it is!! I’m hoping to get many more messages from you guys now saying not only that you are inspired to move abroad but that you’ve BOOKED YOUR PLANE TICKET!

Your mind will always find reasons not to go. Staying in the familiar is safe and comforting. Travelling and experiencing the world and its different cultures is the most magical and rewarding thing you will ever do. I promise.

So what are you waiting for?
What’s your biggest reason that is holding you back?

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  • Reply
    Rosemond Yankey
    September 1, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    Difficulties in finding a job and work permit in Canada to enable me enter the permanent residence express pool. Where to live and work when I relocate and the right immigration officials to consult for genuine processing are some of the reasons holding me back from moving abroad to actualize my dreams and advance my career.

    • Reply
      Kate - TheHomeWanderers.com
      September 2, 2019 at 12:05 pm

      Hi Rosemond – My biggest advice is to take your immigration journey step by step, day by day. It can easily be overwhelming if you start to think about all the stages that need to be done! Temporary work permits are usually easiest to obtain, so concentrate on that. Then, research what the most valued skilled jobs are in Canada and start to build your personal work experience from there. You’ll thank yourself when you eventually start your Permanent Residency application!
      Don’t let the worry of making the wrong decision re: location/work stop you from taking the intial leap abroad. You can easily move around once you are here and adjust accordingly.

  • Reply
    December 30, 2019 at 6:08 am

    Stumbled across your blog when searching Instagram for people who have a made the move we are considering. Amazing tips, you pinpointed my concerns by number 3 and made me look at it all differently. We are already planning our “factfinding” trips in May and October. Our biggest concerns right now are the types of visas we need, whether to sell our house and where to move to.

    • Reply
      Kate - TheHomeWanderers.com
      December 31, 2019 at 3:17 am

      Hi Charlie – Great to hear from you and so happy you found my Insta/blog so useful 🙂 Sometimes a shift in mindset is all that’s needed to get the confidence to start the rest of your life! Make sure you join lots of Facebook expat groups for the locations you are considering. There is always such great information sharing there.

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