Managing Your Finances

Whether you’ve just come back from travelling the world, moved to a new country or are simply trying to navigate adult life, it can be really daunting to adjust to working life and managing your finances. As you stare at your bank balance, pay important bills and eagerly await every payday, you can end up feeling like you’re never getting ahead.

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Money has been a major stress for me since moving to Canada.
Before the big move, I’d spent the previous year backpacking around different countries and laughing in the face of adulthood. I’d taken a huge loan to fund my travels and rarely checked bank balances or thought twice about a purchase. Because, duh, I was having the best time of my life.

Travelling comes hand-in-hand with spontaneity and freedom. The idea of sitting at a desk and pulling your hair out over loan repayments and credit card balances is a blurry distant problem that ‘future-you’ can deal with.

Then you settle down, get a job, buy a house, pay utility bills, get a phone contract, fill your car with gas…. INSTANT TRAVEL BLUES.

Luckily, I’m surrounded by incredible people that repeatedly tell me that money doesn’t have to rule your life. True, there have been times when I have had to work out exactly how much gas I can afford to put in my car and whether it will last me until I get paid and hey, it is what it is. One day very soon, I’ll have paid back my travel loan, have my Canadian Residency and enjoy the best memories for the rest of my life (totally worth it).

Money is just a thing.
If you budget, track your spending and understand when it is important to be strict with yourself – You’ll know you have done everything you can do and you’ll be OK!

I sat down one day when I was particularly frustrated with the state of my finances and decided to design a planner so I could see exactly where my money was going….  It is way too easy to think  “Oh, I hardly ever get lunch out…”  It’s a lot harder to be in denial when you see it right in front of you that you actually got sushi 4 times that week and bought 10 Starbucks that month. It was SO USEFUL!

So here you go guys. I’m all about sharing a good thing.

Print out the Planner below, fill it in for each month, compare your spending, see your improvement, and hopefully stick to your budget and start growing savings…

Remember me when you’re rich please!

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