5 Fall Activities That You Cannot Miss – It’s not too late!

Am I the only one who never appreciated Autumn growing up? 
Maybe because it isn’t really a big deal in England… We’re lucky to get a couple of shades of yellow on the trees and it’s pretty rainy and grey-skied most of the time. Since moving to Canada, I’ve thrown myself into fall activities and have officially caught ‘fall fever’!

If you’ve been fortunate enough to visit Canada during the Autumn season, you will agree that the leaves are absolutely STUNNING in this part of the world. I have never seen such vivid and vibrant colours on the trees before and they can be stretched out for miles as far as the eye can see! Coupled with the deep clear blue sky, family-oriented holidays and fun fall activities, I can easily see why this is the season that Canadians welcome passionately with open arms each year.

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Arriving in Canada soon? Here already but not sure you’ve made the most of fall yet?
Despite Halloween now being over and the calendars officially turning over to November (I still cannot believe how fast this year is going…); don’t start dreading the impending snow storms and Christmas prep just yet – There is still so much ‘fall fun’ to be had!

Check out my top 5 MUST-DO fall activities to check off before winter sets in. You can still do it!

1.  Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Your nearest farm is just a quick Google-search away – There are so many open this time of year.
Head down with friends or family to pick out the perfect pumpkin and get lost in the corn mazes. It’s always a fun day suitable for any age and often comes hand-in-hand with apple-picking, hay-rides, petting zoos, and tasty hot drinks! (Plus, who doesn’t love getting that super basic pumpkin photo?)

2.  Hike to a beautiful viewpoint

I’ve made every effort to enjoy the mild temperatures before the -40c wind chills start up… and in the process I’ve discovered that I actually love that fresh, cool, crisp air this time of year has to offer!

This is the time to wrap up warm, get some exercise outdoors and appreciate the nature around us. Research some recommended walks that include a rewarding viewpoint so you can soak up those fall colours…

Has a human ever been more happy?

If you’re in or near Toronto, I highly recommend visiting Dundas Peak and its nearby waterfalls! Drive just an hour outside of the city (towards Hamilton) and park in Christie Lake Conservation Area. From there, you pay $15 per car (plus $5 per additional passenger) which gets you a wristband to access the regular shuttle buses to the walking trails. With easy routes that take around 40mins to complete, you can visit two glittering waterfalls (Tews Falls & Webster Falls) and finish up your visit overlooking the multi-coloured autumn trees from Dundas Peak. An absolute must-do in Ontario!

3.  Sit around a bonfire and catch up with friends

I’m definitely guilty of becoming a hermit in the winter, so if you and your friends are anything like me, make sure you schedule some fire-side time before you retreat to the warmth of your couches! This is the best time of year to light a big bonfire and sit around nattering with friends as you sip on a cold glass of wine and feel the heat on your face.
I’ve always loved the smell of a bonfire and the crackling sound of burning wood; do you agree? Maybe it’s all those nights celebrating the British ‘Guy Fawkes’ tradition throughout my childhood…

4.  Fall Cooking

What would the fall season be in Canada without pumpkin recipes?! It seems that everywhere you turn, there is a new way to incorporate pumpkin as an ingredient in a drink, snack, dessert…
CLICK HERE to access some incredible pumpkins recipes from around the world if you are looking for some inspiration this Autumn.
(Then, when you make it, invite me over for a taste-test!)

5.  Practice your photography and art skills

The fall leaf colours make it pretty easy to take breathtaking photos that you can share with your family back home. Just by taking a quick stroll to the mailbox, you can stumble on the perfect light streaming through the autumn trees that calls you to take a photo of it!
Take regular walks around your neighbourhood and see if a particular sight grabs your attention. Then, make a collage of your photos in a memory book or display them in wooden, rustic frames in your home.

If photography isn’t your thing, Pinterest has a ton of Autumn arts & crafts ideas for solo-artists or families. Collect leaves, pine cones, and other art materials from the outdoors and get creative! You can even adapt them to make Christmas decorations if required.

So there you have it. Who said Fall is over just because the trick-or-treaters have gone home?! Before you know it you’ll be pulling on those snow boots, so get outside and make the most of what’s left of these beautiful leaves (and temperatures that don’t hurt your face) before it’s too late!

What’s your favourite fall activity?

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