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Work & Travel Australia

“Are you wondering what life is like in Australia? The country offers everything that a traveller’s heart could desire. From rainforests to paradise beaches! Not only that, if you are eligible for a Working Holiday Visa, you can earn much-needed travel funds as you spend time exploring Down-Under!”

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Express Entry: Permanent Residency in Canada

“There seems to be an overwhelming number of routes you can go down when applying for Permanent Residency in Canada. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Trust me, I feel ya… Express Entry may be for you!”

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10 Tips to Make New Friends

“Starting a conversation and putting yourself out there for rejection can be a pretty scary thing. Happiness is linked to having a strong network of support around you. So if you’re struggling with loneliness or just need a confidence boost, here are a few tips that may help to get things started!.”

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